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The Micromobility Coalition Presents “Micromobility Champion” Awards to Nashville Council Members Davis, Pulley, and Vercher

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WASHINGTON – The Micromobility Coalition today awarded Nashville City Council Members Anthony Davis, Russ Pulley, and Tanaka Vercher with the first-ever Micromobility Champion Awards. Davis, Pulley, and Vercher played important roles in passing a citywide e-scooter ordinance in Nashville last month.

“Councilmembers Davis, Pulley, and Vercher are tireless advocates for their constituents, as well as strong supporters of expanding access to micromobility options,” said Ryan McConaghy, executive director of The Micromobility Coalition. “Thanks to the work of these dedicated public servants, Nashville residents will be able to continue taking advantage of this safe, affordable, and convenient transportation service.

“Their work is especially important in light of a recent report that found widespread availability of e-scooters would be a game-changer for city residents hoping to expand their access to the job market. Any plan to restrict access to e-scooters would deal a devastating blow to commuters relying on these services – a population that tends to be lower-income and for whom job access is crucial.”

Key findings of an independent report about e-scooters expanding access to jobs in Nashville include:

  • Citywide average access to jobs more than doubles, from 46,000 jobs reachable (within 45 minutes without a car) to 97,000.
  • Increases for many individual neighborhoods exceed 150,000 additional reachable jobs.
  • The bottom quartile of workers in the baseline scenario can access fewer than 1,500 jobs, while in the micromobility scenario, workers at the 25th percentile of job access can reach 20,000 jobs. This finding suggests micromobility may be especially beneficial for workers with low access to jobs by transit today.

Since May 2018, more than 1.8 million trips have been taken on e-scooters in Nashville – approximately 10,000 per day – according to data compiled by Walk Bike Nashville. Over 60,000 users have taken more than five trips on e-scooters over the past year.

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