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The Micromobility Coalition Congratulates Chicago on Bringing Back E-Scooters 2019 Pilot Program Demonstrated High Demand, Need for Micromobility in the Windy City

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WASHINGTON – Ryan McConaghy, executive director of The Micromobility Coalition, today issued the following statement on the return of e-scooters to Chicago:

“In a city where more accessible and affordable transportation options are sorely needed, we commend Mayor Lightfoot and her administration for signing on for another pilot program to bring back e-scooters. Chicago’s e-scooter pilot program last year saw more than 800,000 trips in just four months, demonstrating that demand for this revolutionary transportation mode is high. Equally encouraging was the number of e-scooter trips taken during the morning and evening rush hour commutes, which highlights the power of e-scooters to take cars off the road and ease traffic congestion.

“We are confident that this pilot will prove to be as well-received in 2020 as it was last year. We look forward to working with the Mayor and her team to bring e-scooters to Chicago permanently. Commuters deserve convenient, eco-friendly, and safe transportation options that reduce traffic and make commuting more enjoyable overall.”

About The Micromobility Coalition

 The Micromobility Coalition works to improve the quality of life across the United States by promoting access to personal transportation options that reduce traffic, create cleaner and quieter communities, and make it easier for people to safely get where they want to go. Founding members include Uber and Lime. To learn more, visit the coalition website,, and Twitter handle, @MicroMoCo.



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